Working with individuals in jails to help prepare them for living in recovery upon release.

Educating law enforcement, providers, and the community through our stories of recovery.

addiction uncuffed

Putting a face on recovery for those who have experienced or are experiencing addiction.

Supporting those seeking recovery by offering compassion, providing strength and hope for the future. 



Eric, Captain

Courtney is a true testament of what recovery looks like and an example to be followed.

Chief Kevin Brinkley Nags

I have known Courtney’s family for over 30 years but didn’t learn of her struggles with drug addiction until December 2017.  Courtney reached out to me and explained the program she was involved with in the Richmond, VA area (HARP) and that she was also working with an officer that had previously arrested her.  Courtney explained that they would speak to new police recruits, narcotics officers, and even patrol officers to educate them about addicts, behaviors, etc. Courtney said she was interested in coming to the Nags Head Police Department and speaking with our officers. 


In order to accommodate our officer’s schedules, Courtney gave two presentations. She told her story of heroin addiction and the life she lived for 20 years as an addict.  Courtney talked about being arrested numerous times and what it was like to go through withdrawals. Courtney then told the officers about the life-changing events that lead her into recovery and why she formed Addiction Uncuffed.

Courtney is extremely passionate about wanting to help others that are suffering from addiction as well as telling her story about addiction.  The presentations she gave for us were well received by all; from an officer with 3 years experience up to a veteran officer with 30+ years.



Addiction Uncuffed is a non-profit 501c.3 organization. We greatly appreciate every donation and you can be confident that every transaction is fully protected and each generous contribution will be used towards protecting the lives
of those suffering from the disease of addiction.  

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