Addiction is defined as a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in          rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. 


The goal of Addiction Uncuffed Inc. is to help people with substance use disorder (SUD) get into a treatment program that is customized to their needs.  This helps reduce relapses, promote recovery, and build positive relationships between our Law enforcement and the Community.


Together we can save lives!


Addiction Uncuffed has been working with Richmond Police Dept. doing ride alongs with officers to assist individuals with substance use disorder to a pathway to recovery in an effort to break the "revolving door" cycle of arrest, incarceration, relapse.  In addition, we do roll call trainings and CIT trainings with officers to help them understand addiction and how they can play a role in providing HOPE to those still suffering. 

In Chesterfield County, we speak during their CIT training week to provide this same education.  

Addiction Uncuffed works with many local organizations in order to make this initiative successful. We are always looking for new opportunities for partnerships that will assist our effort to save lives! Transportation, housing, and detox facilities are areas that we face challenges, as well as having the resources to assist individuals who have taken the steps, or would like to , needed to change their lives. Please contact us if you are able to assist or have information on making this possible.  We are very grateful for all of the support we receive from the community and local police departments.  We are very excited to be able to assist during this very difficult time and to have such amazing local partners.  Moving forward, we are looking at working with multiple other jurisdictions in other areas, in addition to our local ambulance authority.

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