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My name is Courtney and I struggled with substance use for about twenty years. From the time I was thirteen years old, I used something to numb the pain and trauma of events that I never dealt with from my childhood. In my mid twenties, I was introduced to heroin. My struggle turned into full blown addiction. I had numerous encounters with the law, overdosed, and spent all my time in the streets. In 2012, after learning I was pregnant, things changed. With the support of two police officers and a letter from my dad breaking ties with me, I went and got help. That began my journey of recovery and it continues today. I wanted to share my experience with others, so I began speaking to inmates in programs at a local jail. Then, after running into an officer that once arrested me, I was given the opportunity to speak to officers and deputies in our area. I began working with programs at our local jail, HARP (heroin addiction recovery program) and Bridge, and completed peer recovery specialist training. Addiction Uncuffed was started in an effort to share this on a broader scale. I want to bring strength and hope to those in the programs, educate law enforcement and communities, and bridge the gap between law enforcement and those struggling with addiction.


Peer Recovery Specialist

   My name is Brett and I graduated High School in 1999. From then until 2018, I can't remember a day that I

 didn't drink and/or use drugs. My whole childhood I was never in one place for long. I rarely knew where the next place would be, but I did knew there would be a new set of rules. When I graduated, and was finally free from rules, with a pocket full of money and a fake I.D,  I went a little crazy. Nineteen years later, I finally hit someone head on drunk and almost killed both of us. While being in and out of the hospital for the next few months, I talked to different people that sat with patients with substance abuse issues, but had no personal experience. That made me realize that if someone that had been through what I have been through and had talked to me early in my addiction and had given me a different perspective, I might have made some better choices. I ended up getting incarcerated for almost a year and half for my accident. While I was in jail, I chose to get into the Bridge Program at Chesterfield County Jail. It was a blessing because it was there that I learned about peer recovery specialists. It was exactly what I wanted to do before I got incarcerated. Now, I am doing something that makes me happy. I amhelping people like me get the help and resources they need to live a happy and productive life.

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